Review: Boon Naked Baby Bathtub

I researched pretty much everything we purchased for our baby.  Even the bathtub!  As with most baby products, there were so many options – spa tubs, bucket style, fabric slings and traditional style tubs.  Decisions, decisions!  We don’t have a lot of storage space in our house, so space saving items always appeal to me.  I also like products that are cute and eye catching, but don’t scream “baby”.  The first time I saw the Boon Naked 2-Position Collapsible Baby Bathtub, I was struck by how simple it was, yet how different it was from other tubs.  Some things to note about the Boon Naked:

1) It’s collapsible! Ultimately, this is what sold me on this tub.  It takes up very little space once it’s collapsed and can easily be stored out of sight. For a while we were keeping it in the small space between our washer and the wall. It even has a little hanger if you’d like to hang it on a shower rod for example.

2) Two positions, a recline for newborns and fully expanded for older infants and toddlers.  Our little guy is on the bigger side, but we used the reclined position until we was about 3 months (around 16-17 lbs and 26 inches).  Now we use the tub fully expanded and just keep the water level low.  It’s also equipped with a support bar for the recline position.

3) No extra parts!  Love this.  There’s nothing to misplace, and I think that’s an added bonus if you’re planning to keep it for any future babies.

The tub also comes in several fun colors (all with a white base) and is BpA-Free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free.  Boon previously offered a larger color selection, but I believe it’s now available in pink, blue or green only. We love our green tub. We picked it because it was a fun, gender neutral color.  Boon indicates that the tub is good from birth to 18 months.  I’m not sure we’ll still be using our tub at 18 months, but I don’t’ think we’ll be outgrowing this tub any faster than any other tub.  If anything, I think this one would outlast others.  My mother has what I’ll call a traditional style baby tub at her house for our little guy and he was getting too big for that tub at 3 months.

Overall, we’re very happy with our Boon Naked Baby Bathtub.  When researching, I remember seeing one criticism of the tub was that the drain was not at the lowest part of the tub when in the reclined position.  Although this is true, I must say, it is not something that bothers me.  We’ve never had any trouble dumping the tub and have always found clean up to be pretty easy.  The fact that there are no grooves or “ledges” like in other tubs, means that a quick wipe with the towel and you’re all set.  One other thing I saw pointed out in reviews was that babies were slipping down in the recline position.  We did notice that this happened, but again, it wasn’t a problem.  Obviously when you’re bathing you’re little one, you are going to be right there to adjust them if need be. We just kept the water level a little lower and that was that.

I’d recommend the Boon Naked 2-Position Baby Bathtub to any new parents, but especially to those looking a space saving option. The fact that it’s so cute and modern looking is just a bonus! :)

We even used it as a place to cool down on a really hot day!

We even used it as a place to cool down on a really hot day!