Review: Skip Hop Central Park Blanket

Skip Hop Central Park Blanket

When you take your little ones to the park or the beach, it’s nice to bring something for everyone to sit on.  Growing up, we always just used an old blanket.  It’s a good spot to sit for a snack or just hang out.  Unfortunately, there are a couple drawbacks to the trusty old blanket though.  1. It’s usually pretty bulky. 2. If the ground is wet or damp, the blanket gets (and feels) damp too.

When I started taking my little guy to the park last summer, I wanted something we could easily carry with us and something that would keep us dry.  I started looking to see if there were alternatives to the old blanket.  It turns out, there are lots of picnic style blankets out there.  After hours of internet research (yes, over a blanket…I really do love product reviews!), I settled on the Skip Hop Central Park Blanket.  Here are a few things I liked about it:

A good size for 2 toddlers and 2 parents

A good size for 2 toddlers and 2 parents

  • Compact
  • Cute patterns to choose from
  • Cross body shoulder strap
  • Machine washable
  • Cooler bag (this was a bonus, it didn’t factor into my decision that much)
  • Zipper closure (No Velcro – I figured the Velcro would get full of grass and dirt)
  • It has sewn in little arrow tags to help you remember how to fold it up!
That face!

That face!

The blanket has been a great purchase.  Last summer my son was still pretty young and wasn’t mobile yet, so it was a nice place for he and I to relax and take in the nice weather.  Even when the ground was a little on the damp side, we stayed dry.  When we brought it to the beach, it was so easy to just brush off the unwanted sand that inevitably finds its way onto your blanket.  The blanket is a good size for my husband and I to sit with our little guy.

A perfect park perch

A perfect park perch

It’s probably roomy enough for one other child, but that would be the max.  I also found it was great when we went to visit the Grandparents.  I would just put it out on the living room floor and then my son instantly had a little play area.

Overall, I’m incredibly happy with this purchase and it’s something I’m sure we’ll use for years to come.



Giveaway: mimiTENS Booties

It’s time to spread some Christmas cheer!  Thanks to mimiTENS, we have a pair of their awesome booties to giveaway to one of our readers!  We have a pair of Red Classic Booties in size 0-6 months to gift to one of you fine folks.  If you’re not familiar with mimiTENS and their products, you can check out my mitten and bootie review HERE.  And if you’re still searching for toasty goodies for your little one, you can check out the mimiTENS website HERE.  Did I mention that their products are made in Canada?  Well they are.  And that’s just one of the reasons I’m so excited to be giving away a pair.  :)

Go on, get entering! Merry Christmas and Good Luck from Review Mommy!


Open to residents of Canada

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Review: mimiTENS Mittens and Booties


mimiTENS Mittens and Booties in Classic Black

mimiTENS Mittens and Booties in Classic Black


mimiTENS Mittens

mimiTENS Mittens

With the weather getting chilly, it’s time to break out the winter gear for our little ones.  Two essential pieces of winter wear are mittens and booties, and Canadian company mimiTENS have both covered!  I first heard of mimiTENS when a friend was telling me about the awesome mittens she had for her son.  She was telling me that the women who worked at their daycare wished all the children were wearing mimiTENS.  I can’t imagine anyone who sees more mittens for tiny hands than daycare providers.  So I figured if they were fans, I would be too.

When ordering the mittens for my little guy, I learned that they now make booties as well (and make both in Canada I might add!).  The booties work on the same premise as the mittens and have a long elastic cuff that goes up the baby’s arms or legs, keeping them in place.  The cuff is stretchy enough that it can be worn up over pants or sweaters, but soft enough that you can wear it under jackets or pants as well.  I like putting them on under pants/jackets because it makes for a tidier look.  But when you’re in a hurry, pulling them up over clothes is a great option.

mimiTENS mittens and booties are both lined with Oeko-Tex certified 3M Thinsulate and a bamboo-organic cotton rayon fleece, surrounded by a water-repellant nylon outer layer. They feel nice and soft inside, but aren’t overly thick.  I’ve pulled the mittens off as soon as we get inside and checked my little guys hands, and they feel pretty good.   For some reason, his hands felt warmer than his feet though.  His feet weren’t cold, so that’s the important part – they just weren’t as toasty as his hands.  I like the fact that the mittens are on the thinner side, it allows my 9 month old to still hold some larger objects between his two hands.  But maybe the booties could be a tiny bit thicker?  Even if it were just for my own piece of mind?  I might have a bit of my mother in me, Baby J may be destined to be “over-bundled” in winter weather.

mimiTENS Booties -Great for Babywearing

mimiTENS Booties -Great for Babywearing

The soles of the booties are ultra suede, so they have some grip for babies that stand.  If your babe is walking though, I’m not sure how well these would do in the snow?  They’d certainly make a fantastic liner under something like the Stonz booties for those that might be needing boots to run around in.  mimiTENS tell me they used ultra suede instead of leather because their customers were saying they prefer vegetarian products.  So they’re listening to their customers.  In fact, it was their customers who asked them to make a bootie!  Lovers of the mittens wanted a bootie that would work well for babywearing – and these booties definitely fit the bill!  If you ever wear your little one in a carrier, you might be familiar with the little gap between their shoes and the bottom of their pant leg.  Then there’s also the fear that one of those little shoes might just drop off while you’re walking along.   mimiTENS booties solve both of  these problems.  The stretchy cuff covers that little pant/shoe gap and those little booties aren’t going anywhere.  But I’ve been using the mimiTENS booties every time we leave the house though- car, stroller, whatever.


Stretchy cuffs go up to his thighs and upper arms.

Baby J modelling the Mittens and Booties

Baby J modelling the Mittens and Booties

Baby J has a real thing for pulling off his shoe and chewing it.  Right before we got the mimiTENS, I actually lost one of his shoes in the mall parking lot after he pulled it off because it blew away.   It. Blew. Away.  I mean, come on.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  Thankfully that’s not an issue with these booties.  He has tried, but he can’t seem to get them off.  I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.  The same goes for the mittens.  He doesn’t even try to take them off.  So when we go shopping, I just leave them on him.  He’s happy, and I don’t have to put them back on to go to the car.  Bonus.

Booties in both sizes: 0-6 and 6-12 months

Booties in both sizes: 0-6 and 6-12 monts

The booties come in two sizes: 0-6 months (4.5 inch sole) and 6-12 months (5.5 inch sole).  I’d say that the sizing is pretty spot on.  Baby J was too big for the 0-6 months when he was 7 months.  And now at 9 months, I’m confident we’ll get through the winter in the 6-12 month size.

The mittens are also available in a few sizes: Baby (no thumb), 1-2yrs, 2-3yrs, 3-4yrs, and 4-5yrs.  We’re using the Baby size right now.  They’ve recently launched “Big Kids Mittens” in two sizes (6-9 yrs and 9-12 yrs).

To sum up, I’m really happy with the products I have from mimiTENS.  Mittens and booties that stay on, in eco-conscious fabrics, keep baby warm and are made in Canada.  What’s not to like?  I’m incredibly thankful that I won’t be chasing these puppies around the mall parking lot.


**Full Disclosure: I purchased the mimiTENS mittens based solely on an awesome recommendation.  I was given a discount on the booties for review purposes, but all opinions and thoughts on the booties are my own.  I’m truly a fan.  And the kind folks at mimiTENS maaaay have given us a little something to share with you…so keep your eyes on the blog! ;) **

Review: NoseFrida The Snotsucker

nf-main-prod-370x370The NoseFrida Snotsucker is no doubt one of the strangest contraptions I purchased while pregnant.  It is, quite literally, a snotsucker.  It is designed to remove mucus safely and effectively from a small childs nose.  The NoseFrida is an alternative to traditional bulb style nasal aspirators.

It works by placing the end of the larger tube up against the childs nostril.  You then suck on the red mouthpiece, creating enough suction to remove mucus and relieve stuffy noses.  Sounds kinda gross, right?  Well, the larger tube is equipped with a disposable filter.  Their website says clinical studies show that the filter prevents mucus and bacterial transfer from child to user.  In my experience, mucus didn’t even make it anywhere near the filter, and I’m honestly not worried about bacterial transfer when using it on my child anyway.  Should mucus ever make it up that far though, the filter will prevent it from getting into the smaller tube.

So why did I decide to buy this odd little gadget?  Well, while I was pregnant, I was telling my mother about the NoseFrida and how I wasn’t sure what to think of it.  She said “If that baby gets a cold, you won’t care if it seems gross or not, if it can give them some relief, you’ll be glad you have it.”.  Momma knows best, because our son recently had his first cold.  I was so happy to have the NoseFrida here, and even happier when I saw how well it worked.

My son wasn’t a fan of having it used on him, but who could blame him?  NoseFrida recommends using a couple drops of saline solution in each nostril before using the Snotsucker.  I didn’t have any saline drops here, but I did have some Aleva Nasal Wipes for children which contained saline, so I found those worked to loosen up the mucus.  By placing the NoseFrida against the nostril, it creates a seal (when the baby isn’t wiggling all over the place).  Because of the shape, you can’t accidently push it too far into the nose, and they say you can’t suck to hard either.  So, thankfully I didn’t have to worry about those things while trying to help my little guy breathe better.  I was shocked how much mucus came out when I used this on him.  He was instantly able to breathe (and then nurse) easier.

The NoseFrida was easy to clean as well.  The large tube just pops off to rinse with soap and water.  It’s also top-rack dishwasher safe.  Now, I have to fess up – I didn’t change the filter each time I used it.  As it turns out, I was sick with the same cold, so I wasn’t worried about bacteria transfer.  And like I mentioned earlier, the mucus just stayed in the end of the tube.  I did rinse the filter a couple times, and now that we’re both all better, I’ve tossed it.

After surviving our first baby cold, I’m very happy with the NoseFrida.  It’s a safe and effective way to help baby breathe and feel better.  Who wouldn’t be sold on that?


#CDLocalToMe Giveaway Hop!

Enter to win this diaper!

Enter to win this diaper!

I’m incredibly excited to bring you guys our very first Giveaway!!  Thanks to Mama Loup’s Den, we’ve partnered with Go As You Grow Kids Gear in Nova Scotia to bring you an awesome prize!  Go As You Grow is giving away a Bamboo Funky Fluff diaper in the brand new “Funk-Eh Forest” pattern.  Have you ever used a Bamboo Funky Fluff?  They’re the softest, squishiest diapers I’ve ever had my hands on.  We have a few in our stash and I love them.  They’re also a Canadian company (hence the “Funk-Eh Forest”), based in Toronto.

Huge thanks to Go As You Grow for sponsoring this awesome prize!  They’re located in New Minas, Nova Scotia and offer some great services.  Not only do they sell cloth diapers, but they’re the place to go for car seats too.  They have 2 Certified Car Seat Technicians on staff and offer their expertise as a free service.

So, how does this contest work?  I’ll post all the needed info below.  Near the bottom of the page, you’ll find the Rafflecopter widget where you can earn up to 12 entries!  Then hop around to our other blogger friends by clicking on the links and enter to win their prizes too!


Welcome to the #CDLocal2Me Giveaway Hop Event, hosted by Mama Loup’s Den and Our Piece of Earth.

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We have teamed up with some amazing bloggers who love supporting local businesses and are excited to share these products and companies that we love with you. Each participating blogger will be showcasing cloth diaper or natural living products and stores local to them. This is a great way for you to find out where some of your favorite products are made and discover some that you may not have heard of. Be sure to hop around to all of these fantastic blogs and enter to win.


 Open to Canadian Residents Only

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Disclosure: Mama Loup’s Den, Our Piece of Earth and the participating #CDLocal2Me bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill their prize shipments.

Review: Cloud B Sleep Sheep

The cuddly Sleep Sheep plays white noise to help baby sleep

The Sleep Sheep is a great accessory for any nursery

For a few years now, the Sleep Sheep from Cloud b has been one of my go-to shower gifts.  It’s adorable, snuggly and I’d often heard babies love white noise.  What wasn’t there to love?  I was lucky enough to get one as a shower present too, so now I get to tell you what I thought of this little fluff ball in action.  :)  First of all, this is a battery operated sound machine (there are pros and cons with this, but I’ll get to that in a bit).  It plays 4 different white noise sounds: Heartbeat, Spring Showers, Ocean Surf and Whale Songs.  There are two timer settings, 23 and 45 minutes.  It has a Velcro strap that allows you to hook it onto the rail of a crib (Cloud b recommends you put it on the outside of the crib) and an easily accessible volume control.

We mostly used the Sleep Sheep during my sons first few months.  He was sleeping in a bassinet in our room and thankfully was a pretty sound sleeper.  I never personally felt like we needed a sound machine to help him sleep, but I found I was actually turning it on just to make me more comfortable. I found turning on the Sleep Sheep when we first put him down for the night would muffle the noises I was making walking around the room or getting ready for bed.  I would also turn it on when I put him back down after a feeding.  That way, when I was trying to get back to sleep, I wasn’t worried about waking him if I had to roll over or something.  It just kept me from feeling like every tiny noise would wake him.  So, in a way, it was my Sleep Sheep.


4 Sound Options: Heart, Rain, Ocean and Whales

4 Sound Options: Heart, Rain, Ocean and Whales

The two timer settings were useful, often I found that the 23 minutes was long enough, so it helped save batteries.  Switching between the two is easy, just the flip of a switch on the back.  I like the battery operation because it means the sheep is easily portable.  We’ve brought it to my parents house and found it did a great job of blocking out the noise from a birthday party that was happening there.  The downside of the batteries is two-fold:

1. You have to buy batteries (but I have to say, this thing doesn’t eat batteries.  We did nightly use for several months on the original set.)

2.You can’t use it for any longer than 45 minutes without turning it on again.

This second point is important if you have a really light sleeper or you just feel you might want white noise all night.  If for any reason you will consistently want more than 45 minutes of white noise, the Sleep Sheep might not be for you.  For example, we live on a noisy street.  This summer we had our windows open a lot, so I found myself using my sons Graco Sound Machine (plugs in) to block out some of the sounds outside.  I was able to run it all night and thankfully then I wasn’t waking with every loud motorcycle, wondering if it had also woke my son.  **See the theme?  These sound machines are obviously for me.  I don’t think my son needs them at all.  I however, do.**

As mentioned above, the Sleep Sheep has 4 sound options.  Neither of them is the standard “static” type sound that I associate with “white noise”.  Instead, it has 3 lovely sounds, and one whale sound that I really didn’t care for personally.  I used the Ocean Surf sound most often and found it really relaxing.

I’ll continue to give the Sleep Sheep as shower gift because you never know what baby (or Mom) might benefit from a little white noise.  And hey, even if they never even use it, it’ll still look darn cute in the nursery.  :)


Review: Boon Naked Baby Bathtub

I researched pretty much everything we purchased for our baby.  Even the bathtub!  As with most baby products, there were so many options – spa tubs, bucket style, fabric slings and traditional style tubs.  Decisions, decisions!  We don’t have a lot of storage space in our house, so space saving items always appeal to me.  I also like products that are cute and eye catching, but don’t scream “baby”.  The first time I saw the Boon Naked 2-Position Collapsible Baby Bathtub, I was struck by how simple it was, yet how different it was from other tubs.  Some things to note about the Boon Naked:

1) It’s collapsible! Ultimately, this is what sold me on this tub.  It takes up very little space once it’s collapsed and can easily be stored out of sight. For a while we were keeping it in the small space between our washer and the wall. It even has a little hanger if you’d like to hang it on a shower rod for example.

2) Two positions, a recline for newborns and fully expanded for older infants and toddlers.  Our little guy is on the bigger side, but we used the reclined position until we was about 3 months (around 16-17 lbs and 26 inches).  Now we use the tub fully expanded and just keep the water level low.  It’s also equipped with a support bar for the recline position.

3) No extra parts!  Love this.  There’s nothing to misplace, and I think that’s an added bonus if you’re planning to keep it for any future babies.

The tub also comes in several fun colors (all with a white base) and is BpA-Free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free.  Boon previously offered a larger color selection, but I believe it’s now available in pink, blue or green only. We love our green tub. We picked it because it was a fun, gender neutral color.  Boon indicates that the tub is good from birth to 18 months.  I’m not sure we’ll still be using our tub at 18 months, but I don’t’ think we’ll be outgrowing this tub any faster than any other tub.  If anything, I think this one would outlast others.  My mother has what I’ll call a traditional style baby tub at her house for our little guy and he was getting too big for that tub at 3 months.

Overall, we’re very happy with our Boon Naked Baby Bathtub.  When researching, I remember seeing one criticism of the tub was that the drain was not at the lowest part of the tub when in the reclined position.  Although this is true, I must say, it is not something that bothers me.  We’ve never had any trouble dumping the tub and have always found clean up to be pretty easy.  The fact that there are no grooves or “ledges” like in other tubs, means that a quick wipe with the towel and you’re all set.  One other thing I saw pointed out in reviews was that babies were slipping down in the recline position.  We did notice that this happened, but again, it wasn’t a problem.  Obviously when you’re bathing you’re little one, you are going to be right there to adjust them if need be. We just kept the water level a little lower and that was that.

I’d recommend the Boon Naked 2-Position Baby Bathtub to any new parents, but especially to those looking a space saving option. The fact that it’s so cute and modern looking is just a bonus! :)

We even used it as a place to cool down on a really hot day!

We even used it as a place to cool down on a really hot day!